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NARSIL-35 is a non fugitive and primarily nonionic emulsion containing Dimethylpolysiloxane .

It is an effective and widely used release agent for rubber.

This Emulsion gives a thin but highly effective parting film. It does not carbonize or gum even at temperatures which would quickly destroy organic mould release agents, and does not build up on moulds, and does not discolor or damage rubber or plastic.

NARSIL-35 gives an excellent surface finish to molded parts. The reason for this characteristic appears to be that the average particle size of NARSIL-35 is 0.5 microns.

This fine particle size also contributes to the excellent release properties of Vial Emulsion P-35 and to the stability of the undiluted and diluted emulsion.

Effect of Hard Water

The use of hard water will not affect the stability of emulsion. However the minerals in the hard water will gradually build up on mould surfaces.

Diluting and Applying

NARSIL-35 can be readily diluted to any desired concentration up to 200 parts water to 1 part emulsion. The diluted emulsion can be sprayed, brushed or wiped on moulds.

These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications.
Milky White
Iron Content  
Less Then 50ppm
Specific Gravity 
Particle Size 0.5 Microns
Dilute Emulsion Should
0.5 Microns
Be Stable at 
Milky white suspension

Glass and Ceramics

Properly applied and cured on to glass and ceramics, NARSIL-35 forms an invisible, durable characteristics to the treated surface and minimizes the adhesion of other materials to the surface thus improves free draining characteristics or facilitates cleaning. It increases water repellency, improves retention of high surface resistance power under high humidity conditions.

With vials or bottles for costly pharmaceuticals, free drainage means that less products is needed to ensure a given dosage.