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NARSIL-51 is designed to eliminate pigment separation problems like floating, flooding and silking. It is a valuable additive for the paint formulator for maintaining uniform pigment dispersion at concentrations as low as 0.05%. The paint additive lowers the surface tension of the paint solvents and presumably coats the individual pigments particles to prevent them from coalescing. The additive prevents one pigment of a multi pigment system from agglomerating in masses or floating to the surface of the paint film.

Amount Needed

The amount of the additive requires depends upon the type of paint and the amount of pigment floating. In most cases, 0.05% is sufficient. Severe flotation problems, however, may necessitate larger amount. Avoid using more than 0.1 % of the additive if recoat ability is to be assured.

Blending the Additive

NARSIL-51 is usually added during the final thinning and color-matching step. It is best to blend the additive after the paint has been removed from processing equipment residual additive remaining in such equipment may affect subsequent batches of paint.

Diluting the Additive

If dilution if the additive is desired as when adding an extremely small amount it may be diluted with aromatic or aliphatic solvents such as xylene, toluene, mineral spirits or ketones.


Finishes incorporating NARSIL-51 in concentrations suggested in this data sheet are generally recoat able without special surface preparation unfavorable effects on finish recoat ability often associated with silicone additives in the past are seldom a problem unless an excess of the additive is used.

If recoat ability difficulties should arise, a surface cleaning such as that used for removing waxes from a surface will prove helpful. The coating should be washed with solvent and then wet-sanded, using a 1% detergent solution.

(These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications)

Colorless, clear
Specific Gravity at 25°C
Viscosity at 25°C
Flash Point
Suitable Diluents
Aromatics such as xylene or toluene,  mineral spirits or ketones