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NARSIL-56 is a paint Additive specially designed to impart hammered effects to protective coatings. It is effective in very low concentration and hammered finishes are possible with many different types of coatings. The additive produces a hammer finish with baking enamels, air drying enamels and lacquers when used with non-leafing aluminium pigments. Low concentrations of the additive produce coarse-appearing hammer finishes while higher concentrations produce a very fine hammer finish.

How to use

Amount Needed

Effects of the additive very widely depending upon the coating formulation. Suggested concentrations range from 0.1 to 0.5 % increasing the amount of additive increases the fineness of the texture grain in the coating. Careful evaluation on a trial basis should always precede production scale usage.

Blending the Additive

NARSIL-56 is usually added during the finial thinning and color-matching step. It is best to blend the additive after the paint has been removed from processing equipment residual additive remaining in such equipment may affect subsequent batches of paint.    If dilution of the additive is desired  when adding an extremely small amount, it may be diluted with aromatic solvents such as xylene or toluene, mineral spirits of ketons.


Coating containing NARSIL-56 is recoatable only with hammer-finish paints containing the additive.

Typical Properties
(These values are not intended for use in preparing specification)
Colorless, Clear
Specific Gravity at 25°C
Flash Point
Toluene, Xylene, Mineral oil, Ketons.