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NARSIL – 7 is widely used as a versatile defoamer in general industrial applications using Petroleum Oil Solvents and aliphatic and Aromatic liquids medium.


Industrial Operations

Adhesives                     :           Paper Coating Processes

Asphalt                         :           Paper Production Processes

Cutting Oils                   :           Petroleum Pitch

Detergents & Soaps      :           Propane Gas

Gas Scrubbing              :           Rubber Lactices

Glycol Dehydrates         :           Resins and Varnishes

Insecticides                   :           Salt Solutions

Oil Quenche Baths         :           Steel-picking Solutions

Polishes                       :           Vacuum Distillations

Wool Facts                   :           Wire Drawing compounds

As an aid to improve the visual field in gastroscopic examination.



NARSIL – 7 is effective in very low concentrations. 1 to 50 gms of NARSIL – 7 per ton foam is Sufficient to suppress most foams. For any new industrial application, the user may start with a concentration of 20 Gms per ton. Then increase or decrease this concentration until most economical use level is established.

Solvent Dispersion

In most industrial application, it is diluted with solvent then added to foamer, dispersions may be made by Butyl Alcohol, Toluene, Xylene, Kerosene, Ethyl ether, Chloroform, and many other solvents. Comparative tests using different diluents should be run if it is desirable to determine the most suitable and economical diluents to use for any particular process or product. Freshly prepared dispersion should be used for maximum efficiency.


Test                                          :           Specification Requirements

Defoaming performance      :           15 Seconds Max at 50 p.p.m.

Color                                        :           Transparent

Consistency                             :           Liquid thin

Sp. Gravity at 25°C                :           0.857 to 0.900

Suitable Diluents                   :           Aliphatic, Aromatic and Chlorinated Solvents

Odor                                         :           Slight

Shelf Life                                  :           1 Year



Method of Performance Test

  1. Prepare a sample of defoamer by mixing 0.5 gm of sample and 50 c.c. Butyl Alcohol.
  2. Take 1 gm Triton x 100 in a small flask and 99 c.c. distilled water.

Add 0.5 of sample from (a) and shake the flask vertical wrist movement for 10 seconds, then place the flask on the table and count the time required for the foam to collapse. (The point at which a portion of liquid surface can be observed)

Maximum time should be 15 seconds at 50p.p.m. as added above.