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NARSIL-SD is water dilutable Silicone Emulsion. It is manufactured with specially selected ingredients. It has excellent emulsion stability even at the temperature beyond 100°C. Only an occasional stirring is required for even diluted emulsions to remain dispersed. NARSIL-SD is a special developed Silicone Antifoam suitable for high temperature processing such as High Temperature Jet Dyeing.

Silicone Emulsion
Type of Emulsion
Non iconic
Water (At room Temperature)


Only 5 to 10 Gms of NARSIL-SD is sufficient for 1 Metric ton of foamer in most cases. How ever, 60 Gms of NARSIL-SD per metric ton of foamer will determine the working concentration. The result at the above concentration will give the idea whether to increase or decrease the quantity.

NARSIL-SD may be added directly to the foamer in any concentration with agitation in cold aqueous systems for easy dispersion.

However, for hot systems prediluted NARSIL SD is recommended.


  • Shake / Stir well the container before use.
  • Required quantity of NARSIL-SD MUST be diluted with 10 times volume of water at room temperature by slowly adding water to it with continuous strring.
  • For best results the above diluted antifoam should be consumed within eight hours after dilution. Diluted antifoam must be frequently stirred for use after periods.
  • For textile finishing and Dyeing etc. process, diluted antifoam should be added last i.e. after all the ingredients are mixed.